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Anne Bercht is a certified trainer with over 12 years of experience in public speaking, workshop facilitation and curriculum development. In her Passionate Life Seminars, she inspires others to unleash their full potential and pursue life with passion. Having overcome major personal and business obstacles, she teaches others how to do the same, turning life's challenges into opportunity. For more information or to purchase her book My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, visit 安伯特,职业训练者,在演讲、讲座、及课程发展有超过12年的经验。在她「热情生活」的研习营中,她启发人们发掘自己无限的潜能并热爱生活。在克服个人及职场重大障碍后,她也开始分享自己的亲身经历 -- 如何化危机为转机。如果想更了解她的书《生命中最好的礼物: 我先生的外遇》详情请洽。

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如何防止婚外情?Prevent Affairs

By 安□伯契特著; 毛雅琴译 我先生布莱恩和我已结婚十八年,他以为他深爱著我。有一天他却发现自己独自一人在旅馆□。婚外情是他做梦也没有想到会踏上的一条路。无论站在道德和理智上,他都是坚决反对的。我陷入绝境,... Read More >

如何防止婚外情?Preventing Affairs

我先生布萊恩和我已結婚十八年,他以為他深愛著我。有一天他卻發現自己獨自一人在旅館裏。婚外情是他做夢也沒有想到會踏上的一條路。無論站在道德和理智上,他都是堅決反對的。我陷入絕境,... Read More >

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