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If women understand their influence how much they will be full of pride. If a man knows how much influence a woman, they would be scared to death

□ Some people say that our life will affect at least two hundred and fifty people. Each of us has the responsibility of leadership.

□ Every woman can be a leader. But the survey shows that most women are too underestimate their influence.

At home, we will organize the kids to clean up, or more importantly, the values ​​and morals instilled in their lives. In the workplace, we may have to encourage people to participate in the promotion. By our words and deeds how working with us to influence others.

We recognized Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa), one of the world’s religious leaders and humanitarian great. When we aspire to as leaders, we must learn to distinguish between fame and greatness in others. Who have a reputation like Madonna (Madonna); but then, as Mother Teresa’s great. We are extremely lacking and need truly great leader □□ trustworthy, ethical, kind, honest, and exercise self-discipline leader. The world is looking for honesty, integrity leader. Compared to when I first took over the leadership responsibilities, fortunately there are already more women to serve as leaders. Play a leading role for more than three years but less responsibility and more □□ □□ I learned a lot of great questions about good leadership. What is a leader? “The so-called leaders are able to influence others to achieve targets a person.” How can I be a leader? “A leader can properly assess the situation and know how to take the next step.”

□ Whether you know whether to believe that you are a leader and influential people happen. Your comments will be obeyed and executed. The following nine principles that will help you make the best exert influence:

Could have left this world a better place to dream

“There are worse things than blind? Yes! The most pathetic person in the world is visible but not ideal.” □ Helen Keller (Helen Keller) says.

Leaders, it just kind of ability, with, through collaboration with others, in the desire to dream of a future state or ideal into reality. Make life dedicated to a kind of valuable things that you dream best worth your death. What would you excited for it?

Has a great ideal, on top of your ability, so you constantly challenged. If we are only trying to aim at this juncture □□ for ourselves, for the accumulation of materials, for joy that we will soon be living □□ dissatisfied and disappointed. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher □ (Margaret Thatcher) said

“If the heart of both men and women can not be greater than its own call touched, then democracy will be boundless hope.”

Greater than their own dreams and ideals □□ to leave the world a better place.

Know why your strengths
to become a leader, you need to achieve our mutual goals. Each of us only have to complete some of the work required great skill. We need someone around to fill our shortcomings.

Murray, 79 yeah □ Littauer (Muriel Tower), a veteran entrepreneur, said:

“You work completed by others. The first business to find the best candidate for the job. The second is appointed. Third, supervision and management □□ look back at the work they’ve done.”

Be efficient, you need to work with the team. We rely on our strengths to lead; we used to collect the players according to their respective strengths.

Why is your leadership style? You’re a perfect home? Was able to see a panoramic and adventurous person? Or you are a detail-oriented person with administrative □□ style? You need to see law and order. You are at the right time against something. You are very efficient. Perhaps you like □□ marketers who can convener. Do you like it and can sell anything to anyone, but not the details. Or maybe you just like to own one job and work hard is a producer. Let someone else run track and you will do so. Before you thirty, maybe you can do all that work and do not have much of a problem. But once more than three years old, you will find that you do not want to do things not in line. That energy consumption of too. When you understand why your strengths, the strengths of the other three have to find other players to work together.

When you have a team, meet regularly with the players and find that you are trying to achieve a goal statement. And your staff often recalled this statement in order not to lose focus. Entered into a short and long-range goals, two to three times a year to view good to know how you’re doing. Your team will be induced to reach common goals. The reward should be rewarded. For people to work together with you to say “thank you.” Often encourage them!

Understand their own strengths and others, is the key to effective leadership.

Strive for excellence
you want to influence people, it can increase the degree of superiority, no more than they have seen in your body. “Female super trend” (Megatrends for Women) wrote in the author:

“Both men and women, with the establishment of effective leaders and role models of excellence to win the promise.”

□ We borrowed a successful orator known for influential women held a dinner in three cities. Of course, we are anxious to make a good impression, so I spent a couple of hours to write an invitation; however, when we look at the invitations printed again, but found □□ □□ stunned and dismayed to mark their own bodies to upside down. This oversight can cost is not cheap.

After many discussions, even if they know that most women would not notice this error, we still decided to reprint. We want to influence the leaders, so you have to get things done, not just do the right thing. Leaders must strive for excellence.

Strive for excellence, then you will be able to induce others to do the same thing.

Mother Teresa was a strong woman. □ Margaret Thatcher was a resolute woman. To be a good leader is the key to perseverance □□ should never give up. You will be tempted to give up friends and enemies, encouraged to give up. Do not try to throw in the towel and surrender. To firmly.

There are so many reporters describe Mother Teresa:

“When I met Mother Teresa, I found her very petite head less than five □ □□ □□ also always high towering head crooked on one side, her hands twisted gnarled, like farmers from poor feet thick white sari extended dose. Although warm and benevolent undoubtedly brilliant around her, but I think I have ever seen was standing a most powerful, most dedicated, and most resolute man in front. “

According to De Luote – Garonne survey conducted (Deloitte) and 杜彻 (Touche), senior women directors will be named the female determination and perseverance to achieve the primary fundamental qualities of success in the business world. To leave the world a different place, you must adhere to. Leaders do not grow up in peace village. Leaders, not people with special talents; they are learning from their mistakes and stand up to try again in person.

Persistence is the key to effective leadership.

willing isolated
if you have a passion, a dream, or mission, set measurable goals and work hard to achieve it. You will find a lot of the time you might have to work alone. You may be alone.

People are looking for and willing to pay for all of them to follow the leader with □□ while; however, the current into the going gets tough, joy and comfort and responsibilities and overtime match, they will fall by the wayside. At that time you have to know that they have to be right, to be able to keep moving forward.

□ James Cook (James Cook) said:

“Symphony of people want to lead, to be with his back to the audience.”

Ready to resist the
one truth of life is when you are a leader, you have to solve the problem. □ OU Ogilvy Pastor Lloyd (Lloyd Ogilvie), at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, California for many years as a priest and bishop for the United States Senate is currently a priest, had once observed

“Everyone has a problem; if you currently do not have, in the future there will be; no matter where you work or student □, you will have problems; or you are is someone else’s problem.”

Sometimes we have the wrong idea, that should be no problem through life □□ means that if we have a problem, our lives will have something wrong. As leaders, we should take responsibility, no matter how painful. Can not escape.

It is easy to fall into the wait for someone else to solve our problems. □ duo Lin Ke Leite (Colette Dowling) in her book, “Cinderella Complex” (Cinderella Complex), a handsome prince waiting description:

“It’s like Cinderella, today’s women are still waiting for something from the outside to a good change in their lives. We might go out to take a little risk, but my heart still lurks head desire to be saved, a deep wish to rely on desire. “

You do not need to wait for someone else to help. You will have problems. Ready to come. Ready for it. If you know are doing the right thing, the current intake becomes difficult and you will not go hide in the cave. With good decision to face the problems and solve them, is a leader and a follower of the difference.

To set an example for your staff

“Work hard to become a leader; laziness will not succeed.”

□ I’m surprised that people often want a job, but do not want the responsibility. To evade responsibility is very natural; we will be doing this, however, when the leader of the meaning is to work overtime. Is to be able to solve the problem or pointed direction when necessary. When leaders means that as servants, whether at home or in the workplace. You never want to responsive.

Leader in hard work.

There are moral
because of a frequent traveler, I collected the times from many different newspapers and magazines. “USA Today” (USA Today) declared three adults believe there are two moral “subject to change” or no “eternal moral standards of right and wrong.” People between the ages of twenty to thirty, only eighteen percent think there is a standard of right and wrong.

“Vancouver Province newspaper” (Vancouver Province) published another study, reflecting the lie we would say two hundred a day. A variety of lies, excuse yourself from the behavior to say words like this: “I hate to bother you …….” Do not expect your staff or the next generation would do the right thing, if they see you are doing is wrong. With a strong code of ethics as our basis for decisions and life style, is extremely important.

Which set of values ​​dominate your moral □□ your behavior? Or you have a code of ethics? You can make yourself relaxed and say, “I would never do that” or “For me, it is impossible”? If you do not, sit down, think about it and write it down you can not compromise on ethics. Sometimes, you will erode the standard may be small things, and, incidentally, that will erode your self-esteem. When temptation comes, you are very likely to make later regret. Sometimes, you will spend the rest of his life in pain.

□ Margaret Thatcher once said:

“I’m not a politician obedient, I was assured politician.”

What are you a leader? You can be assured of their own, or you live by the unanimous views of others?

Want to be an effective leader, the most important thing is to have high ethical standards.

let God guide you
□ Elizabeth Doyle (Elizabeth Dole), president of the American Red Cross, in an interview to say:

“For me, above me know that they have a source of power is very important. When I was engaged in a difficult task, or to be a difficult decision, I am pleased to not have to rely on their ability, wisdom, and judgment. “

□ 24 years ago, I found myself in need of a source of strength for me over. I set myself the goal is not satisfactory, and even deeper relationships can not fill my needs. In my thirty-year-old when I hand over control of their lives to God. □ is a source of strength I needed. I just prayed: “I do what I want Thy guidance, from now until the die of old age.” □ hear me.

At first, I was filled with extreme joy, peace, and fulfillment. It feels like someone really cared about me □□ accepted me unconditionally. It’s like looking for a long time after, the missing puzzle piece that finally found.

My goal, priorities, dreams, began to change. My dream becomes greater than □□ I can afford. I am concerned about the scope of the foundation expanded from the family to the community, from the cell to expand to the provinces, from the province to expand into our country, from our country to expand to the world.

I noticed in my world, there are many women are increasing their capacity; I try to do everything possible to encourage and train them as the best women.

However, most importantly, I understand that if I can meet Jesus Christ and so dramatically changed my life, □ let anyone so. So I began to tell people how to retain a personal relationship with God.

Find the power to change your life and the world. Let God guide you. □ Someone quoted Oliver Ho Masi (Oliver W. Holmes), then,

“I find great things with this world does not matter much where we are, but now we have to go about which direction to go.”

From five years from now, do you think they will go in which direction? Since ten years from now? After twenty-five years from now? As a leader, you have to go in which direction to go? You want to own two hundred fifty people affected taken which direction?

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