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一无挂虑 Free from Anxiety

Death is the only happiness and the only relief. ” “Contrary to popular belief, the world’s no hope at all.” How frustrating these ideas. The first sentence from a newspaper classified ads, the second sentence is an anonymous... Read More >

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  • 杨陈 said: 亲爱的主内肢体,你好: 我发现在这个页面中有好多“□”的符号,让原文信息丢失了。... Read More »
  • 小溪 said: 缺乏安全感,价值感是环境和性格造成的,是很难改变的,但却影响很深刻,一直都是为别人活着,若不是在神里面有些归属感,... Read More »