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Bill Strom teaches communication at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. His research interests include marital interaction and particularly how couples speak human virtues into their marriages. Bill is married to Shelaine, a career coach and instructor, and they enjoy the active life of raising three sons. All live in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

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Because a car with four friends carpool to work, which provides the opportunity to chat a lot of gossip. One day I threw a question: What is the difference committed and faithful? After several rounds of debate, baked conclusion: a commitment that... Read More >

婚姻谦卑好幸福!Humble in Marriage

麦克戴维斯唱到:「噢,天啊!要谦可真难喔,尤其当你是如此完美时!」奇怪的是,我们大家都在试图去寻觅一个完美的配偶,但当我们真的遇到了那个自称完美的在一起生活后,我们就会发现其实根本不是那麽回事儿。 你如果问周遭的人「你谦卑吗?」答案会令人感到奇怪,回答「是」的那些人,往往是让人觉得他们是骄傲的;回答「不」的人,人们却觉得他们是诚实的,而且他们是谦卑的。 这种谜一样的情形显出婚姻中的怪象。每个人似乎都不难认出骄傲者,但我们怎样才知道何时我的配偶是真谦卑呢?到底谦卑带给婚姻的是幸福呢,或者像那... Read More >

小小节制好处多The benefits of selfcontrol

My wife is the study of human behavior □. A few years ago, she was once the object of our three sons, did a little experiment. She is 7 years old, respectively, 6-year-old and 4-year-old Taylor, Clark and Eric said: “You can choose: either... Read More >

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