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Bruce and Denise have been married for 36 years and have three children and two grandchildren. Bruce holds a Professional Accounting Designation ( CGA), MBA and an Honourary Doctorate of Education. Bruce is now a senior resource on leadership transition to Power To Change (formally Campus Crusade, Canada). Bruce & Denise established Mentor Matrix Services Inc., in 2001. Bruce is a Consultant and Trainer with Birkman International Inc., and an Associate with Triaxia Partners, Inc. He is also an Executive Coach. Bruce and Denise speak extensively on leadership and teambuilding and are a Speaker Couple for the Family Life Marriage Conferences. Bruce is an Elder at their Church, Tsawwassen Alliance and both of them speak and lead Bible studies at their local church. Always striving for balance, they enjoy their family, fun days, entertaining, jogging and reading. They reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. 葛博实 Dr. Bruce Gordon是加拿大学园传道会资深的顾问, 他和妻子黛妮经常在 FamilyLife Marriage Conferences担任讲员。他们专精于帮助个人和机构发挥团队及领导绩效。

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七个心理陷阱 7 Deadly Mindtraps

我现在正坐在旅馆的大厅里挥笔疾书。一堵坎著深色木条的墙,舒适的大沙发,眺望出去,是一条在午后日照下像钻石般闪闪发光的河流。窗外优美的风景真是令人陶醉。 在房间一端的壁炉上挂著加拿大联盟发起人的照片。这34个人没有电脑和黑莓牌手机,但是看起来却很悠闲,我觉得我桌上电脑和黑莓牌手机嗡嗡的声音很不搭调,虽然我用现代的科技同时可以做十件事情,但是好像侵犯了这攸静的环境。想当年这34个人的生活一定比较简单,从历史书上我知道这不是真的,当然他们也有奋斗和艰难才有这个成就。 不同的是现在的时代,消息传递... Read More >


By Translator: Mao Yaqin Over the past two years, Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life □ built-oriented purpose of life,” a book shocked the publishing world. It is not only outstanding performance in Christian and general... Read More >

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